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Tedburn St. Mary is to the west of Exeter. We have modelled the layout to represent the period just after the 2nd World War, the long, hot summer of 1947 actually. This is a mainly rural community, the major employer being Durier-Hughes. They are a firm of cabinetmakers and their quality goods are legendary in the south west of England. However, during the war years their expertise was channelled elsewhere. This work was obviously secret, but details have recently been released about this work. One of the items was the ‘Exploding Toilet Seat’. We do not have much information about the success of this device, probably because of its delicate and embarrassing nature. However, reports did come in that the expression ‘He was caught with his trousers down’ came into quite regular use amongst German troops in occupied France between 1943 and the liberation of the country in 1944.    

The company has a private siding with their own motive power that is maintained by the Great Western. There always seems to be a heavy police presence both at the main gate and in the yard as, apart from the security issue, a rather gruesome murder has been committed, involving a storage tank on the roof.

A dairy situated near the station has regular traffic and the goods yard is normally quite busy. A small engine shed provides overnight stabling for locos. Close by is a cattle dock, which also caters for horse traffic.

The station is very busy due to Durier-Hughes and business people residing in the area. So much so that a through corridor coach to Paddington works up on a local to Exeter St David’s, which is then coupled to an express. All this has necessitated lengthening the main platform by means of a moving section to avoid blocking the road.

In the pre-grouping era the L.S.W.R. had running rights to the station and the Southern Railway still retain these rights and the occasional Malachite Green locomotive can be seen on a service from Exeter Central.

Tedburn St Mary was awarded ‘Best Visiting Layout’ at

Milton Keynes MRS Exhibition 18 February 2012.

Exhibited at the Warley MRC Exhibition in the

NEC Birmingham, 23/24 November 2013.

Featured in the July 2015 edition of Hornby Magazine.

Awarded ‘Best Layout in Show’ at Silverfox DCC MRC Exhibition at

Milton Keynes 13 August 2016.

Invited to the Hornby Magazine ‘Great Electric Train Show’ at Gaydon 7/8 October 2017.  

Information for Exhibition Managers

Length: 16 feet

Width: 3 feet 6 inches at widest point (plus operator space!)

Power sockets required: 1

Tables: 1 (small for stock)

Insurance Value: £4500

Operators: 4 (minimum)

Transportation is by three cars. Expenses are fuel at cost.

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