© South West Herts Model Railway Society 2019			                                                                                                     Updated Aug 2019 Cusworth’s Yard (EM gauge) Layout

Layout background

Part of as large wagon manufacturing and repair works set in Yorkshire in the late 1990s.  Locos and stock represent the sectorised and privatised liveries leading up to that time.  The layout has track inside the wagon works buildings (for wagon exchange) plus a fiddle yard link to the national rail network. Health and safety is a priority with warning lights and sirens for wagon movements onto and out of buildings.

Technical Details

The layout is built on a recycled baseboard frame of 50mm x 25m timber forming a 1.2m x 0.3m board with a Sundeala top.  Track is EM flexitrack with handmade points (this is my first venture into track construction and EM gauge).  Point control is wire in tube with micro switches for live frog polarity switching. The wagon works and bridges are scratchbuilt and the half relief buildings are from the Metcalfe range heavily modified. Figures and details are from a variety of sources including Matchbox, EFE, Corgi, Preiser, Merit etc.  

Locos and stock are Hornby, Bachmann and Lima with added details and weathering, re wheeled to EM gauge and couplings changed to Kaydee. Warning lights and sirens are from Maplin kits and street lights are Veissmann. Control is normally from an old H&M Clipper for DC operation, but the layout has been run as DCC with all track sections switched on and using a suitable controller and locos.


John Davy

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Pictures of Cusworth’s Yard