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ALLANBRAE – A post privatisation N gauge Terminus west of Glasgow

Built and owned by Colin Heath, member of SW Herts MRS the N Gauge Society, and N Gauge Forum

Allanbrae does not appear on any map.  A Scottish sounding name emanating in large part from two operators who have provided invaluable assistance in recent years, it is probably located on the banks of Loch Lomond, or thereabouts.  It is still operated by diesel traction some years after privatisation.  Once a 5 platform terminus with a complex track arrangement it has been simplified considerably over the years, with the main approach being singled; only 3 platforms remain though the old Platform 5 is now a Royal Mail depot.  The original  platform 1 is now part of the car park and bus/taxi stands.

Services, primarily to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling/Perth are operated by a mix of 156, 158 and 170 DMUs and sometimes a Voyager  to Manchester.  There is a daily portion of the Caledonian Sleeper.  Mail trains serve the depot.  This and the sleeper are hauled by Class 67s.  Liveries cover a mix of years.  Beyond the road bridge the kickback leads to a Traction depot for locos and an unspecified freight facility.  Depending on my mood this might be an oil depot, a paper mill, aluminium works or Whisky distillery.  Or a mix of these, so a Class 66 will also appear from time to time along with the 08 station shunter.

Inspiration for the layout  included Helensburgh , Laargs and Iain Futers’ small Scottish layouts, including his O gauge layout Victoria Park.

Notes for Exhibition Managers

Value  £4000  One power point.  Self supporting

2-3 operators depending on show.   2-3 Chairs please

Baseboard Size  7ft by 1ft.  Footprint say 7 by 6.

Colin Heath, 47 Hibbert Ave, Watford, Herts WD24 4HB.  Tel 01923 464615

Mobile 07941 566951.   E mail:  colin.heath47@ntlworld.com

Pictures of ALLANBRAE