The OBB station at Klapping is a truncated terminus station. The line is electrified using catenary. There is in addition a diesel freight feeder line, together with a goods yard also using diesel traction. Maximising the operational interest.

The local steam and nostalgia preservation group also make use of the branch to move locos onto the main OBB metals.

The layout is 18’x2’it is self-supporting on trestles. The track used is Peco code 75 electrofrog points etc, the catenary is by Sommerfeldt.

Period portrayed is ten years backward from the day of the exhibition, allowing us to show off a wide range of OBB locomotives and rolling stock.

Crew for the layout is normally 3/4.- for a 1 day show (4/5 for a 2 or more day show)

Insurance value £5000.

Expenses – Fuel for transportation of layout and crew: Plus accommodation as necessary.

Layout fits into my Skoda Yeti

Contact m.roualle791@btinternet.com for booking the layout. 02084214199/07543555077

In reality the location is near Graz- Klapping is  Spatenhof the main running line ran to Hotschdorf (cut by A2 road upgrade)-  The diesel Branch runs to Tobelbad.