Luffield Junction (00 Gauge, DC or DCC) Layout

Construction of Luffield Junction was started by the now disbanded Bushey & District MRS. It was named Frome and was a fictitious station on the Somerset & Dorset Line.

The layout was purchased by SWHMRS from an ex-member of the Bushey club in 2014. Only part of the layout was operational so we are now undertaking a major redesign project which will facilitate the varying eras and operating companies of members' rolling stock.

This fictional line is set in the South Midlands during the time era from just after the Second World War to the late 1950's. Thus all members will be able to run their stock on the layout without feeling out of place.

It started as a single track freight only line, built just after the formation of ‘TheBig Four’ railway companies in 1923. The purpose of the line was to give quickinterchange between the main rail routes of the four companies.

The line runs from north to south through the South Midlands to the Home Counties west of London. LMS and LNER have running rights along the whole length of the line, while GWR and Southern run north as far as Luffield Junction. Luffield Junction lies about midway along the line, on the Northants/Bucks border, where two lines converge from the North & North West. In recognition of its position it has a Motive Power Depot, including a turntable, making it the main locomotive change-over point for the route.

There had always been a lobby from nearby communities to include passenger traffic on the line. The start of the Second World War saw an increase of passengers, both military and civilian and the decision to build a station at Luffield Junction was taken when a bomber airfield was built in the vicinity.

Since the war there has been enough demand to keep the station open with local branch line working. An occasional excursion, or re-routed mainline train may also venture onto the line from time to time.

As this is a fictional line we have disregard the other lines which were in operation in the area at this time.

Track Plan