Springfield Street Yard(H0)



Springfield Street Yard is an American switching yard set in a town somewhere south west of Chicago, Illinois.  It is run mainly by Burlington Northern, but locos from other companies may also appear.  The yard connects to a nearby switching centre on the main line to Chicago.

Set in the 1970’s to 1990’s, the yard serves local industries including a cold store for fruit and vegetables, the Armstrong building materials warehouse, a paint and whitewash factory and the Richland oil distribution depot.  This is all fiction but gives a basis for running a model railway!

The layout is built in HO scale (1:87 or 3.5mm/ft) and uses Peco code 83 track.  It is wired for DC operation but can be converted quickly to DCC.  Scenery is mainly buildings, representing an urban are normally run with DCC locos, some sound fitted.  Buildings are scratch built or adapted from kits by Walthers, DPM, Dapol, Cornerstone, Unit Models and Street Level Models.  Baseboards are recycled from an older layout and are traditional softwood 50mm x 25mm frames with new legs and Sundeala type tops.

The layout is an entertaining switching (shunting) puzzle.  Trains arrive made up from a variety of cars (wagons) chosen at random to provide deliveries to and from the industries.  Once loaded or unloaded, cars are formed into trains for transport to the main (offstage) switching centre for sending to major destinations.

Plans are in hand to demolish the old factory buildings at the end of the layout and construct apartments and a bar – redevelopment can be found everywhere!


Length 11ft 6in , Width 1ft 6in

Layout format Freestanding

Operating area Front or rear, Operators for exhibitions 2 or 3

Track format Switching yard with fiddle yard to one end

Scale/gauge HO/16.5mm

Era 1970’s to 1990’s

Geography Illinois, USA

Stock Walthers, Kato, Lifelike, Bachmann, Concor etc

Owner John Davy, Contact 01707 873729 jhdavy1@virginmedia.com

Travel from South Hertfordshire

Transport Fuel for 1 MPV. Overnight expenses for 2 day show or travel of more than 80 miles from home.

Insurance value £3000

Pictures of Springfield Street Yard