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Membership is in the mid twenties and we are always happy to welcome visitors and potential new members. We have access to the clubroom 7 days a week but our main club nights are Tuesdays & Thursdays 19.30 to 22.00 approx.

Unfortunately we no longer have any members specialising in ‘0’ gauge and the permanent ‘0’ gauge layout in the clubroom has been removed to allow space for layouts under construction.

The current 'N' gauge layout is called 'Dudley Frey', after a member who sadly passed away. It is a circuit, 16 feet long and 3 feet wide, with 4 running roads. Automatic light signals are installed and work is progressing on an extension to the layout.

Our '00' gauge exhibition layout is called Tedburn St Mary which is also 16 feet long. Some might say it is a bit ‘long in the tooth’ but it is still receiving invitations to exhibitions and was exhibited at the Warley Exhibition in the NEC, Birmingham in 2013. It was awarded ‘Best Visiting Layout’ at the Milton Keynes’ exhibition in 2012 and ‘Best Layout in Show’ at the Silverfox exhibition in 2016.  It has also featured in the July 2015 edition of Hornby Magazine and was exhibited at the ‘Great Electric Train Show’ in 2015.

We also have Silverbury, a modern image ‘00’ gauge DCC layout which is being extended and improved ready to rejoin the exhibition circuit in 2020.

We purchased another ‘00’ layout that was under construction at the Bushey & District MRS when they had to disband at the end of 2007.  It will be renamed ‘Luffield Junction’ set in the late nineteen forties. We are modifying the interesting track layout and updating the electrics, then we will be focusing on the scenics to bring it up to exhibition standard.

An 0-16.5 layout is being built, called ‘Jurassic Halt’ (What will it look like? Wait and see!).

Our Annual Exhibition is held at the Queens School in Bushey in early May and attracts over 20 layouts and a dozen or so traders. Social events have included the Annual Dinner in January, a Barbeque during the Summer and visits to places of interest.

Why not join us?

Please contact chairman@southwesthertsmrs.org.uk