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The layout was developed by the club to take the place of 'Walmcompton' which had passed it's effective life. The initial planning took place in 2000 and shown in a very basic form at the club's exhibition in 2002 and the first train to run was set off by the widow of Tony Frey, a long standing member of the club hence the name. Since that day it has been shown at a number of venues and because the layout is constantly being updated (see below for future plans) we hope it will be invited to future exhibitions for some time to come.

The Layout

The actual size of the layout is 16' by 3'3" separating into four sections enabling it to be transported in members' cars. It consists of four tracks laid as a tail chaser, the outer two being slow and the inner two being for the normal fast trains. The station is wired so that trains on the fast line can be brought into the platforms, both to serve the passengers and to allow other trains to overtake. There is also a goods yard where goods trains can call (see below in future plans). Because the members interests are so varied the actual location and era has been deliberately left vague and the layout is now being run as steam in the morning and modern image in the afternoon at exhibitions.

A fully automated signalling system using three aspect lights is now fully operational. Passing units activate a sensor so changing each light within that track and in certain circumstances other tracks.

The number of trains that can be run at any one time is fifteen and we like to have six members in attendance at exhibitions.

Future Plans

Now in progress:-

Value for Exhibition Purposes - £5 500

Pictures of Dudley Frey Dudley Frey (‘N’ gauge) Layout