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Portpatrick Town is an N Gauge layout based in Scotland in the 50s/60s, built and owned by Colin Heath, member of the SW Herts MRS and the N Gauge Society

PortPatrick is a real location in South West Scotland.  There were at one time plans that it should be a significant port for the short sea crossing to Northern Ireland.  It was to handle mostly passengers and mails, while Stranraer would major in freight.  

This layout assumes history was in part re written, and that PortPatrick did indeed become such a port.  Because of the geography, Town station is situated at the top of the town, and the line from there to the docks is down a very steep gradient which limits line capacity.  Reality was not totally different.  So while most freight and all boat related traffic on the model passes through the station, much local traffic terminates at Town, where a basic loco turning point is provided.  There is also a small goods yard.

There are no original approaches in construction.  The magnificent backscene was supplied by Photojenic (sadly no longer trading).  The layout is only 12ft by 1ft and breaks down into 4 boards for transport.  Most of the trains run will be based on those which served the 2 routes to Stranraer in the 50s and 60s, including the famous “Port Road”.  However there will be some visitors of ER origin reflecting my related interest in the West Highland group of lines.

Notes for Exhibition Managers

Value for insurance £6000   One power point

Normal operating team  3-4 for a one day show  Chairs much appreciated

The nominal size of the boards is 12ft by 1ft.  But please allow at least 3ft behind for operators and 6 ins at front for the swing of the sector plates; there is a cord barrier to cover this.  So total space needed is 12ft by at least 4ft 6ins


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E.mail:  colin.heath47@ntlworld.com

Plan of Portpatrick Town Portpatrick Town (‘N’ gauge) Layout